Vehicle Lifts


External vehicle lifts offer a range of platforms to fit nearly any vehicle type, and mobility device. Please click the information button for company contact information and pricing. Our qualified technicians will assist you in real time, to determine the compatibility of your equipment and automobile with a database of over 50 versions of vehicle lifts.  

The new Pride Mobility Products Zues autolift is a renovation in the internal vehicle lift community. This lift offers fitment to vehicles that may not have the necessary floor space for an internal lift. Call today for fitment information and/or a quote! Contact Us.


Crane lifts offer protection for your mobility equipment as well as reducing the overall length of your vehicle when comparing to an external lift. Sleek designs reduce the amount of consumed space allowing you to utilize cargo space with ease. The platform is often mounted with a total of three holes being drilled in the bed or floor-board of the vehicle. 


Hybrid lifts are available in both rear and side entry platforms. They work similar to the external vehicle lifts and crane lifts, but require much more space. This type of lift is ideal for larger scooters and power chairs. This lift is sometimes mounted by drilling holes in the floor-board or bed of the vehicle, but in most cases can be mounted with a seat anchor adapter.